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Early 2019. A pub in west London. A successful pub quiz. An idea.

The origins of what would become Goodnight Vincent.

Originally established as a way to fuse contemporary indie music with the heart and soul of folk music, the band formed under the name Subtle Nature. Initially a three piece, combining vocals reminiscent of The National, Nick Cave or Magnetic Fields, haunting and emotion-driven violin, and an acoustic guitar that would work as both the engine room and the instrument through which ideas became alive. The signs were positive from the offset, with the very first rehearsal yielding what would become the band's first release, 'Across the Sea.' Adding electric guitar and drums to the mix, the band attempted to establish themselves in a city known around the world for iconic music venues and the dreams of many of a young project. 

The release of 'Across the Sea,' a nautically inspired track set somewhere between wanderlust and homesickness, was a big step forward. With its cinematic music video, and associated UK tour, things were looking very positive. And then, as it did for many people, lockdown hit hard. Still, the band managed to record and release two more tracks, 'You Get Burned' and 'The Last Thing.' Both of these received coverage in national publications, and airplay on radio stations around the UK. 
Lockdown became the perfect catalyst for contemplation, and the band decided that a new start in a new location could be exactly what was needed. They took out a globe, spun it a few times, and each time it landed on Hull in East Yorkshire. They took this as a sign from the universe that either they were meant to be in Hull or that the globe was broken.

On arriving up north, the band decided to rebrand as Goodnight Vincent, which had nearly been their name in the first place, and quickly recruited some more members. Quickly, the band established themselves as a mainstay on the Hull scene with their dynamic shows, and high-energy performances. They also released two more tracks, 'Graceless' and 'Rainsong' to international coverage and radio play. This led to the chance to embark on a UK and Ireland tour, which was fantastic but exhausting. At the end, the band decided to take a short break to decide the next stages of the world domination plan. 

In early 2023, they decided retirement (or hiatus) was not for them, and dusted off their boots, instruments and microphones. Armed with a new line-up, hope, and a brick, the future looks bright for Goodnight Vincent, featuring at festivals across the UK this summer with plans for shows further afield. The new line has swerved from folk-rock firmly into the lane of indie-rock with ferocious and exhilarating saxophone, groovy and pounding bass, and a human metronome on percussion, alongside the well-established duo of vocals and guitar. Fast approaching 150 shows as a band, and with targets well and truly on smashing through 200 (and well beyond that too) the band would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported, encouraged, and been in our corner. It means the world to us. 

"I could not ever believe that this would be the life I chose to lead"
- Across the Sea, Goodnight Vincent

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